Advancing Performance. Research at TDC involves constant multidisciplinary analysis. Since the company was founded, we have been driven by this mission of discovery. Read on to find out more about our latest work.

Crop Optimization 

Stackable integrated individual modules, capable of long-range communication for monitoring and manipulating the variables. Light, water & nutrients are automated using a wide range of sensors, controllers, and actuators. Cameras are implemented with Neural Network Systems that provide data in real-time.

Energy harvesting system 

Smart devices for hybrid energy harvesting, depending on the conditions of the environment. It contains sensors that determine the kind of energy that can be harvested. They serve as batteries to power mining equipment, satellites, power grids and more.

Quantum dot solar panels 

Our lab is currently developing quantum dot solar panels, making them more efficient and functional. 

Green House Microbial terraforming

Our Green Houses use nitrogen fixating bacteria and mycorrhizae in perchlorate rich environments to produce oxygen. Recycled per chlorates can be used as energy to power mining equipment, rockets and computers. Integrate hybrid system for energy harvesting as a capsule for bacteria and mycorrhizae.

crop optimization module short .png
energy harvesting group.png
bacteria gh.jpg